We are delighted to announce that our own Elaine McPherson is a mentor for Startup Canada’s Startup Women program again this year!

Meet with Startup Women leaders as you pave your own entrepreneurial path. Build your network and meet 1:1 with women industry leaders, subject matter experts, and key figures in support organizations who can provide guidance and support in your business development journey.

Book 1:1 Meeting with Elaine McPherson

Interested entrepreneurs can book a 30-minute session with a Startup Women leader to seek guidance from and help navigate their current roadblocks. From fundraising tips, to brand strategy advice, or general business coaching!

Check out their list of leaders for this year at https://startupwomen.mentorly.co/ and make bookings for sessions starting on March 1 until September 30, 2023.

About Startup Women

Startup Women stands with women-identifying entrepreneurs to help support their growth and goals. This program is designed for early stage entrepreneurs, giving them the building blocks they’ll need to start and grow the business of their dreams, with guidance from Startup Women leaders to help coach them through their journey. Startup Women is an annual program, providing long-lasting support to women-identifying entrepreneurs across Canada all year long.

They provide tools, community, resources, and content to women-identifying entrepreneurs across Canada throughout the year through topic-focused webinars, industry advisory circles, interactive workshops, and 1:1 meetings with Startup Women leaders. 

Women-identifying entrepreneurs already face many barriers when starting a business. This free initiative will help to eliminate some of those cost barriers and provide you with the tools to break through others!

The Startup Women program is powered by Startup Canada.