e=mc2 is Safe Travels approved

e=mc2 has recently received the Safe Travels stamp from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) alongside Tourism Canmore Kananaskis, which allows travellers to pinpoint global destinations where they can experience safe travels.

“This stamp allows travellers to easily recognize destinations and tourism businesses around the world that have adopted globally standardized health and hygiene protocols to ensure visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience.” – Tourism Canmore Kananaskis

The Safe Travels stamp is a signal to our visitors that our business is safe to visit. It is the world’s first ever global safety and hygiene stamp for the travel and tourism industry.

At e=mc2, We are committed to ongoing compliance with WTTC global protocols.

Visit wttc.org/COVID-19/Safe-Travels-Global-Protocols-Stamp for more information.