Are you considering coworking space as a possible solution for your business? We’re here to dispel a few myths about this popular option.

1. Group hugs 

Any misconception that coworking spaces involve swaying to the music and forced group interaction is false. It’s true, unrelated people share the location and amenities, but that’s where the togetherness ends. You are not obliged to become best buddies or share what you are working on. You don’t need to mingle and chat, nor do you need to hang out with anyone when you’re done for the day.

That said, be open to the possibility you might make a great connection at your coworking space. It’s not uncommon to meet someone in a shared environment who becomes a key contact for your business.

2. It’s hard to get any work done

On the contrary. Although a good workspace offers an uplifting and friendly environment, people are there to work, not to party. Networking events and social occasions tend to be thoughtfully scheduled not to interfere with getting down to business.  And they are entirely optional.

Think about it: you and everyone else are paying good money to use the space. Yes, it’s more expensive than working in a coffee shop, but it’s way more productive. There is no one eyeing your table or crowding you, no loud chatter while you talk on the phone—no running down your laptop battery because there is no outlet within reach. 

3. Everyone shares the same table 

Nope. A good coworking space offers flexibility and a variety of work options. Yes, if you are on a strict budget, you might opt to set up your laptop at one end of a table. As your needs change, or if you want more privacy, a good coworking space offers other options. Book an hour in the boardroom for a confidential meeting or reserve a closed office for a day. You may be surprised at how affordable different scenarios can be. And if the space you’re considering doesn’t offer a range of options, shop around for one that can grow with you.

4. Coworking is a high-tech thing 

Wrong again. Yes, dedicated high-tech coworking spaces do exist. And that’s fine. The majority of coworking spaces in Canada welcome various industries, which contributes to an exciting and dynamic mix. A well-run space provides an energetic hub where freelancers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs thrive.  Collaboration and idea exchanges are often the by-product when a range of businesses use the location, regardless of industry type. 

5. Only the self-employed use coworking space

Couldn’t be more wrong. Corporations regularly rent space at a coworking space for employees to use. Although not as common during the pandemic, employees who travel often prefer a coworking space to a hotel room. Corporations book boardrooms to gather remote employees for group meetings, and individual remote workers sometimes need space away from home. Coworking is an affordable and reliable solution.

Another segment gravitating to the benefits of coworking space is Not for Profit organizations. Keeping costs low while doing meaningful work is essential, as is attracting donors and supporters.  Among the many affordable options, many non-profits opt for the virtual office concept. It provides a professional address and offers a central location for staff and directors to meet. Instead of wasting time arranging coffee shop meetings or begging for the use of someone else’s space, using a professional coworking location as a base eases that administrative aspect and can improve public perception. 

We’ve seen a tremendous shift in how and where people work over this last decade. Coworking settings are becoming increasingly popular and offer a solid facilities alternative to a spectrum of industries. Discover how they can support your enterprise and help you build your business!