Monday, August 9th is International CoWorking Day – and the start of International CoWorking Week. It’s the perfect time to share a closer look at CoWorking and how this unique approach to business reaches deep into us.

Ashley Proctor, a leader in our industry, gives this great description of CoWorking in a piece she posted in August 2017:

“We are not simply renting desks, providing coffee & WiFi.  It’s not about the space itself.  It’s about what happens when we work together.”

Coworking is a model and a movement.

A genuine coworking community is built intentionally, and is curated and managed to encourage engagement, and to accelerate serendipity.

We are dedicated to serving our members while animating and cultivating the community.

We value collaboration over competition.

In a genuine coworking space;

We are making entrepreneurship accessible;

We are breaking down barriers and building bridges between individuals and industries;

We are inspiring and empowering our members;

We are sharing best practices and expanding our networks;

We are bringing people together and dismantling loneliness;

We are nurturing and strengthening our communities;

We are protecting freelancer rights;

We are accelerating local economic development;

We are increasing productivity and the capacity of our member organizations;

We are ensuring the sustainability of local social enterprises, independent workers and small businesses;

We are modelling reconciliation, equity, diversity and inclusivity;

And collectively, we are shaping the future of work.”

Our commitment at e=mc2 is to model this approach and support our members by always remembering the value of being genuine.