Coworking IDEA Project – Special Edition: Ukraine

We have met with CoWorkers worldwide through an international organization called The Coworking Idea Project. Through this network, we are coming together to figure out ways that we can best help the dire situation in Ukraine.

In sharing these ideas and actions, we are building a plan that will assist us in the future when CoWorkers around the globe are displaced.

It isn’t lost on us that it took a European war to mobilize our actions – and that this initiative comes as those from countries like Syria and Afghanistan suffer too.


All funds raised will be directed to the Ukrainian Coworking Association and other Ukrainian-led and endorsed humanitarian initiatives.

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VIDEO: A message from Anastasiia Kachan of the Ukraine Coworking Association

How to Support Ukraine – Shared by Vika Zhurbas, Ukraine Coworking Association

Open Doors and Arms – Communicating with the European Coworking Assembly about Ukraine

We Help Ukraine – Shared by Hugo de Sousa and team

Support Ukraine Now – Shared by Global Shapers Hubs in Ukraine

We are open for Refugees – Shared by the German Coworking Federation

Coworking for Ukraine – Shared by Christoph Fahle, One Coworking

Coliving for Ukraine – Shared by Co-Liv

Support Coworking Communities in Ukraine -Shared by Ukraine Coworking Association

TRAUMA RESOURCES for refugees and helpers – Available in many languages.

A Message for our Friends in Ukraine – A Coworking Values Podcast 

Make a Donation to the Coworking IDEA Project – They will collect and transfer funds for you.

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This call to action is being organized by the Coworking IDEA Project, and the European Coworking Assembly, in support of the Ukrainian Coworking Association.