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Good reasons to procrastinate

Are there any good reasons to procrastinate? We agree there’s often legitimate cause to delay a decision or put off starting a new task. But there’s a big difference between delaying something and procrastinating. You can learn ways to develop a more satisfying approach to work and life.

Resilience – navigating the river of life

Think of resilience as similar to taking a rafting trip down a river. On a river, you might experience rapids, turns, slow water, and shallows. As in life, the changes you experience affect you differently along the way. While travelling the river, it helps to have knowledge about it and experience in dealing with it. Your journey should be guided by a plan, a strategy that you feel works well for you.

First at the lights

What does it mean to be first at the lights? We think it’s a good thing. You have a clear picture of what’s ahead; you get to set your own pace once it turns green and guide those behind you. In this blog, we’ll explain how the first at the lights concept can translate to our work habits.

Our Non-Gift Suggestions for the Holidays

There are clear reasons why cutting down – or cutting out – our holiday gift-giving is a present to ourselves and others. We all need less stress in our lives. As entrepreneurs, we solve problems and think up new approaches and ways of accomplishing things. It’s why we start businesses. Let’s use that same innovation and creativity to make this year different. Here are a few ideas to get started.