We’ve heard a lot about abundance over the years: it’s something you can manifest, it’s all around us, and you can attract it. But for some of us, making things happen simply by wishing smacks of a wannabe state of mind versus reality.

We see things another way. Abundance means existing or available in large quantities; plentiful. “There was abundant evidence to support the theory” and “we live in an area abundant with wildlife.” And “they showed an abundance of generosity in their donation.”

Let’s look at how taking an abundant approach when welcoming new businesses to town helps build a thriving business community.

The Abundant Approach

If you run the only business of a certain kind in your area, it’s natural to be concerned when you hear someone new has moved to town and will offer the same service or a similar product. It’s easy to see them as competition, a threat to our continued success, and be suspicious of their motives. An urge to be on guard and point out their possible deficiencies based on hearsay is strong. After all, you were here first, it’s your territory, and you want to protect the client base you’ve worked hard to build. You might secretly hope the newcomer will fail and float anonymous negative assumptions about them to make sure they know they’re not wanted. Hopefully, they’ll realize their mistake and move on before stealing any of your customers.

Unfortunately, this tactic is more likely to highlight your insecurities and a lack of insight than position you for continued success. Here’s an abundant approach to the same scenario:
Introduce yourself as soon as possible and welcome the owner to the community. Share helpful information such as local business groups to join and networking opportunities and offer to introduce them to other business owners. In other words, treat them as you would like to be treated yourself if you were the newcomer.

This method might seem counterproductive as they are indeed your competition. But take a minute and consider this thought. You have built a unique business based on your expertise, experience, responsiveness to clients, and by providing an excellent product or service. No one can take that away from you. The time and effort you’ve put into building a solid presence and reputation in the community is not something a newcomer can instantly create. Keep the trade secrets that make your operation unique but otherwise, be open, helpful, and welcoming. Your generosity of spirit and genuineness will add to your established image. Beware, however, of plastering on a fake smile and whispering welcome through gritted teeth. If you don’t mean it, don’t do it. You’re not ready for abundance. Only try this if you are a mature thinker who recognizes opportunities come our way in all forms, including competitors who may eventually become collaborators or even partners.

There is room for all.