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Discover a space where your potential is limitless, your connections meaningful, and your impact profound. At e=mc2, we bring together diverse minds in an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and growth. Join us at the Centre, where your journey towards innovation and success begins.

At e=mc2, we’re more than just a CoWorking space; we’re a vibrant hub where innovation meets community. Our name, inspired by Einstein’s groundbreaking theory, reflects our belief in the transformative power of small beginnings leading to significant impacts. Founded by Elaine McPherson, the Centre has become a beacon for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and visionaries in the Bow Valley area for the past 8 years. Here, ideas aren’t just born; they’re nurtured and propelled into reality in an environment that celebrates sustainability and the power of community.

Our Journey

Our journey has been marked by countless stories of support, growth, and connection. From providing critical internet connections for essential meetings to fostering community organizations that enhance life in Bow Valley for everyone, the Centre has been at the heart of many success stories. Our space has been a haven for independent workers seeking company, a hub for laughter and serendipitous connections, and a sanctuary for those needing a confidential shoulder to lean on.

Collaboration Networking Events

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our community. We’ve hosted a variety of events aimed at business growth, mindfulness, and sustainability, all designed to support and enrich our members and the wider community. Our gatherings cater to the unique interests of our members, ranging from business learning sessions to personal interest meetups like exploring the Bow Valley landscape, ensuring that there’s always something for everyone.

Community Involvement

Our commitment to community involvement runs deep. We’ve been the quiet force behind many success stories over the years, offering our space and expertise to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit within the community. We’re continuing this tradition by supporting local entrepreneurs through sponsorships and partnerships with organizations like Startup Canada. Our memberships with local entities like artsPlace, Bow Valley Chamber of Commerce, and Tourism Canmore Kananaskis underline our commitment to being an integral part of the community fabric.

Our Ethos

Embedded in every aspect of e=mc2 is our ethos of diversity, inclusivity, and business excellence. We believe in the power of a diverse community to create extraordinary outcomes. We’re more than a workspace; we’re a place where every individual is valued, and every idea has the potential to soar.

Join Our Community

e=mc2 invites you to join our vibrant community. Whether you’re seeking a dynamic workspace, opportunities for meaningful connections, or a platform to grow your business, e=mc2 is your gateway to a world of possibilities. Together, let’s continue to create, innovate, and make a lasting impact.

To contact us: Phone: (403) 675-3622, Email: [email protected]