e=mc2 - The Centre For Business Excellence, Where Ideas Are Formed

The Centre For Business Excellence
Where Ideas Are Formed

The Bow Valley has a deep-rooted history of adventurers and environmental leaders, aiming high and continually pushing limits to achieve greatness.

At our core, we offer dynamic CoWorking spaces, Private Offices, and versatile Meeting Rooms. Our services are designed to mirror the boundless spirit and ambition that has long defined this region.

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Testimonial Quotes

“Work here even if you don’t live in Canmore. Great place to meet entrepreneurs and people who love working in the Bow Valley. Boardroom space available too!” – Freelance Business Strategist

The Centre for Business Excellence provides space for flexibility, creativity, private or collaborative sessions, health and wellness opportunities, development, programs and general networking events.

And the view is pretty good too.

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70 %

more productive than working from home

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How It Works

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Step One

It’s simple. You pick from a variety of flexible options, including shared working spaces, private offices, meeting rooms and more.

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Step Two

We provide the space you need; you concentrate on building your business. Working in our space gives you more than four walls and free coffee.

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Step Three

You’ll become part of a collaborative business community open to sharing ideas and perspectives.